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SMS newsletter from the company Intis Tele

Фотография к новости SMS newsletter from the company Intis Tele

The calculation of average sales should be considered as an auxiliary method, since the overall result of sales growth consists of many factors, for example: the pre-holiday period, the introduction of a new collection, the sales season and other channels of communication with the client. The sum of average sales SMS aggregator software gives a general idea of whether the campaign was successful, and in principle, this calculation can be carried out with any promotion. The percentage of people who used the discount code during a campaign is often the measure that determines the effectiveness of the campaign. Is this always the case?

Not necessarily. It may happen that a seemingly small efficiency of less than 10% gives a high ROI, that is, a return on investment. Such situations occur when we send SMS or MMS messages about luxury products, especially if we have a relevant customer base. When checking the level of return on investment, you should take the percentage of people who used coupons and the average cost of the basket and compare them with the expenses incurred during the promotion – this will determine how many rubles of profit are accounted for for each penny of the cost per share.

Tool SMS this decision, reminiscent of the well known web sites forms allowing you to subscribe to email with the difference that the tool allows you to get mobile number from user interested in the offer presented on the website. next to the phone number, you can also get additional data, such as name, location. We also receive your consent to send commercial content, as well as specify the email address used to cancel the registration of the phone number from the SMS subscription.

The second option is to use a ready-made solution - your suggestion-that allows you to pin a pull-out tab on the edge of your aesthetic page that can be placed on your website. The database of numbers created with the help of SMS mailing can be used in any way. You can re-send SMS or MMS messages to people interested in these services or products. Send one-time messages about the promotion, discount code or individual offer for specific users who have subscribed to the newsletter. How do i get a database of numbers?

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