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Offers for similar Instagram accounts

Фотография к новости Offers for similar Instagram accounts

You probably noticed some interesting profile on Instagram, and immediately after that, the app showed you a frame with similar accounts that might also interest you. This is a fairly common case that can sometimes be annoying.

The principle of operation in this case is the same as described above. As an Instagram user, you have 50 free instagram likes daily the option to block this feature, however with some disadvantages. How to disable offers of similar accounts for monitoring in Instagram. If you don't want people who watch you to get offers from other profiles like you, just disable this option in your settings. Log in to your profile and click: "Edit profile", and then uncheck the box: "add your account when you recommend similar accounts for surveillance".

How to link Instagram to contacts from other apps. We already know how Instagram invites friends to follow. Now I will show you how to easily and quickly combine your contacts with various applications. All we have to do is click "Settings" and then “Subscribe and invite friends”. Here we will show you a list that we can use to quickly invite a new friend or contact to follow our profile. We can do this via SMS (then the app will generate the corresponding SMS to a friend), via WhatsApp, and even via email. Isn't it easy?

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